Main Hoon Lucky The Racer (Race Gurram) 2017 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Allu Arjun, Shruti Hassan

  • The movie story deals with Ram and Lakshman aka Lucky both are brothers and are polar opposites in nature.

    While the former is an assistant commissioner of police trying to put factionist turned politician Shiva Reddy behind the bars, Lucky is a happy-go-lucky guy aiming for a visa to the U.S.A.

    Their mother wishes to see them united.

    Shiva Reddy kills Shekhar, a sincere ACP who happens to be Ram's friend and Shekhar's father wants to stop Shiva Reddy from contesting in the elections and eventually get him arrested.

    Lucky falls for Spandana, a very stoic person who shows little emotion as taught by her father, Bheem Prakash who believes that one can control the world if he can control his emotions.

    After meeting Lucky on a regular basis, she turns expressive and reciprocates his love.

    Ram comes to know this and informs Prakash that Lucky is fit for nothing and is useless thus making Prakash reject him.Ram and Lucky starts fighting for this, Lucky gets slapped by his mother and this infuriates him.

    He then vows to destroy Ram's life.

    Ram wants to stop Shiva Reddy from contesting and gathers proofs for all his atrocities from ACP Shekhar's father.However the police jeep which also has the file containing the proofs is stolen by Lucky and his friends.

    Lucky is attacked by Shiva Reddy's henchmen because of which he comes to know that Shiva Reddy wanted to kill Ram.

    He fatally attacks Shiva Reddy and comes to know that Ram was a sincere police officer and starts to love him, which Ram reciprocates.

    To divert Ram's attention from the jeep theft case, he and Spandana decide to get him married to his lover Shweta who broke up with Ram due to Lucky's mischief.

    After turning a MLC, Shiva Reddy goes on to become a minister and decides to take revenge on Lucky’s family.

    First Ram is defamed in the public which makes him lose his job, their legally built house is demolished and someone informs Ram and Shekhar's father that Lucky stole the jeep.

    Ram beats up Lucky in full public view, accuses him of giving fake love to the family to cover up his mistake, and throws him out of the family, telling him to never return, at which point his mother suffers a heart attack.

    nnMovie:- Main Hoon Lucky The Racer (Race Gurram)nStarcast:- Allu Arjun, Shruti Hassan, Prakash Raj, Ravi KishannDirected by:- Surender ReddynMusic by:- S.

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