'Chhalla' - Hari & Sukhmani, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2

  • This is a reinterpretation of a Punjabi folk song about a boy meeting his lover by the well.

    In those days mixing of the sexes was not very common and lovers were always in the lookout for a private spot where they could meet.

    Invariably, that spot was by the village well.

    The song talks about the anticipation felt by the lovers before meeting and the sense of elation that follows.

    nnFor CS@MTV Season2, this song has been re-interpreted with a dub step feel and the addition of Middle Eastern percussion and Israaj.

    nnCredits:nnComposer: Traditional compositionnProduced & Performed by: Hari & SukhmaninLanguage: PunjabinLyrics: TraditionalnPercussion: Fakhroddin GhaffarinIsraj: Arshad KhannRecorded by: Steve Fitzmaurice, Ashish Manchanda, assisted by Thorsten MullernMixed & Mastered by Ashish Manchanda at Flying Carpet Productions, MumbainnLyrics:nJaavo ni koi mod liyavoh,nNi mere naal gaya ajj ladd ke,nHoye allah karey jey aa jaave sohna,nDevaan jaan kadmaan vich rakh ke.nnHo Challa beri boohey, ve vatan mahi da door ey,nVe jaana pehle poor ey, vey gall sun challeyanChora ve kahda laya ee johraa.nnChalla khooh tey dhariye,nKhooh tey dhariye,nChalla khooh tey dhariye,nChalla khooh tey dhariye,nChalla khooh tey dhariye,nVe Gallan mooh tey kariye,nVe sacchey rabb ton dariye,nVe gall sun challeya,nChhora ve kahda laya ee johra.nnAllah beli, O mera Maula beli,nO mera Allah beli, mera Maula beli (4)nnChalla kaaliyan mirchan,nKaaliyan mirchan,nChalla kaaliyan mirchan,nChalla kaaliyan mirchan,nChalla kaaliyan mirchan,nVe mohra pee ke marsaan,nVe sire tere o chadsaan,nVe gall sun challeya,nChhora Ve saad key keeta ee kola.nnAllah beli, O mera Maula beli,nO mera Allah beli, mera Maula beli (4)nnChalla gall di gaani,nChalla gall di gaani,nChalla gall di gaani,nChalla gall di gaani,nVe tur gaye dilllan dey jaaninVe meri dukhaan di kahaninVe aa key sun janChhora ve kahda laya ee jora.nnAllah beli, O mera Maula beli,nO mera Allah beli, mera Maula beli (4)nnJaavo ni koi mod liyavohnnMeaning:nLove is a colorful and a beautiful feeling.

    But it does have its bitter-sweet moments.

    The song beautifully expresses the helplessness of a lover, after one of those bitter moments (over a trivial issue) is imploring her lover to come back.

    n"Challa", is originally a very touching and a sweet Punjabi folk song.

    The Poet through these lyrics paints the lover in his various moods and also beautifully captures the drama of her relationship with him.

    nIt's interesting how a person you love can give you so much joy and at the same time, cause so much pain.

    When the going is smooth, everything seems like a beautiful and seamless dream...

    but as soon as it gets tested (for its strength and depth), everything seems dark and unclear.

    nThe song in many words captures the fact that, while love can empower someone, it can also leave one helpless...nnWith every passage, the Poet expresses her longing to meet her love.

    The separation is so unbearable that she implores the Almighty, to protect her lover and her relationship...nnDownload this song NOW!nwww.itunes.com/cokestudio

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