Betting Raja (Racha) Part 4 | Hindi Dubbed Movie | Ram Charan, Tamannaah Bhatia

  • The Story is about 'Betting' Raja who is a Hyderabad-based lucky guy who makes his living by betting.

    He lives with his adopted parents who support his means of living.

    Everything goes on as usual until tragedy strikes the family in the form of his father who is diagnosed with cirrhosis as a result of heavy drinking.

    Raj needs 2 million for his father's liver transplant, which must be done within a month.

    As he is on the lookout for money, he is approached by James, another bookie whom he had already met at an earlier competition, with a betting challenge.

    James dares Raj to make Chaitra, a dental student and the daughter of the powerful betting committee president Bellary to fall in love with him.

    If he is able to make her fall in love with him before the month end i.e.

    31 December 2011, he would win 2 million.

    A desperate Raj, badly needing the money for his adopted father's operation, takes up the challenge and begins wooing Chaitra.

    Initially, Chaitra appears to spurn his advances and sets him even tougher challenges to propose her.

    Raj successfully overcomes all these challenges and Chaitra soon reciprocates his advances.

    Unfortunately, Bellary finds out about this relationship and sends his henchmen to kill the couple on the night of 31 December, the day Raj is to win his challenge.

    Raj successfully thwarts the henchmen and he and Chaitra escape to.

    Bellary, with the help of his corrupt minister-friend Baireddanna and the latter's Dubai-based son, begin a search for the couple.

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